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Student Ticket Applications

Apply here for a reduced student rate ticket to the Engadget Experience - $40.

Applications will close on Monday, November 13 to allow for processing prior to the event. Make sure to submit your application before Monday, November 13 for review.
Please confirm that you agree/are eligable for the following:

1. Discounted Ticket cannot be combined with any other discounts.

2. You are one of the following:
- A Currently enrolled student in a college of university program.
- Soon to be currently enrolled student in a college or university program
- Currently enrolled high school (secondary school) student
- Recent college or university graduate (within 6 months of event date)

3. You acknowledge that all applications are approved on a case-by-case basis, and that you may not be approved, even if you meet the minimum qualifications.

4. You will provide one or more of the following items to complete your application:
- Digital copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine) or an official letter on school letterhead showing that you are currently enrolled or will be enrolled (for current students only).
- Digital copy of your student ID (for current students only)
-Digital copy of a transcript or diploma showing that you have graduated (for recent grads only)

*If you do not have all of the above information, submit as much as possible so your application can be reviewed.

First Name *

Last Name *

Which best describes your current status? *

When did you graduate from your alma mater? *

Please note, that recent graduates will be granted tickets on a case-by-case level.
Upload a copy of your transcript or diploma showing that you graduated. *

School Name

School Website *

Upload a copy of current transcript (unofficial transcript is fine) or official letter on school letterhead showing you are currently enrolled or will be enrolled. *

Upload a photo copy of the front of your student identification card. *

Alma Mater Name *

Alma Mater Website *

Please explain your current financial situation and why you should be given a student ticket as a recent graduate. *

Thanks for completing the student application. You should be notified within 7 to 10 business days whether your application was successful. 

Questions? email students@engadget.com
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